An International Recruitment Firm.

We find leaders who build winning business. As a Retained executive search firm. We work with organization to fill all executive jobs or specialized professional positions.

DESIGNATION CONSULTANTS is a highly diversified Business Consulting Firm with its core focus on Human Resource Solutions. It's clientele is present across all countries, industries.​

As a Retained executive search firm, we work with organization to all level executive jobs or specialized professional positions. It is an exclusively crafted niche placement service designed keeping in mind confidentiality and attention these profiles would require. This process would be handled by the professional experts connected to the management of different companies.

We review their organization structure, business model, future plans and workculture before finding out most fit leaders who would be responsible for spearheading the growth of organization through stiff worldwide competition.

The process we have developed, supported by our research capabilities, is designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the national and international market.

We would be involved from pre-interview stage, to negotiations and ensure that the new appointment is appropriately communicated to the right structures within the organization.

Our Consultants


  • Disciplined People......Disciplined Thoughts.......Disciplined Actions.
  • Profoundly relevant industry and functional experience.
  • Rigorously trained for execution methodologies and relevant educational background.
  • Ability to have 360 degree vision of the organization structure: Seeing and understanding Business.
  • Drivers and accordingly deriving value adding solutions to run that business.
  • Refined listening skills aids in understanding needs of clients and its stakeholders to arrive at win-win situation.
  • Polished and professional oral communication skills with ability to interact with all members of company team and external ecosystem.
  • Refined document creation and MIS management skills enhancing the efficiency of execution.
  • Intestinal fortitude and ability to take heavy-lifting of projects, a rare but necessary prerequisite
  • When project timelines are tight and deadlines looming.

Leadership Search Process

Leadership search process is scientifically designed and is carried out in a phased manner. It is carried out by trained consultants increasing probability of success at every stage reducing the possibility of missing out the potential candidate.

  • 1. Building Trust and Communication with Clients
  • 2. Assigning Mandate to DESIGNATION CONSULTANTS
  • 3. GROUND WORK Preparing Launch Pad
  • Understanding the Organization
  • Opportunity Presentation
  • Market Scan
  • Finalizing Search Strategy
  • Establishing Contract
  • Communication
  • Candidate Meetings
  • 5. CLOSURE
  • 6. SET-IN Period